Best Burger Franchises: How They’re Cooking Up Success

Trying to find out what's the best burger franchise? Learn the key ingredients for a successful, profitable burger business.

Burgers are one of Americans’ most beloved foods. Enjoyed by folks on almost any occasion, the burger industry makes $100 billion in revenue annually. Even within such a broad and varied marketplace, some franchises manage to stand out from the pack both in terms of guest appeal and franchisee success.

Trying to find out what makes the best burger franchise? Let’s examine some key ingredients for a successful, profitable burger business.


A Burger to Believe In

The best burger franchise for you will offer a winning combination of delicious food, support, and a business model primed for potential. But first and foremost: You should love the food you’re selling. We’ve all had dining experiences that were made all the better by the palpable energy of a restaurant, just as we’ve had experiences where it was evident the proprietors were operating without passion.

By starting with a product you really love, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to make your burger franchise a true success.

Familiarity Plus Innovation

Hamburger franchises succeed by striking a careful balance between the popular standbys and the novelty of new offerings. New items appear on the menu from time to time, but they don’t tend to deviate far from the concept of burger and fries, and the aesthetic and core products remain consistent. Burgers are a comfort food whose appeal is grounded in knowing what you’re going to get.

In addition to the classics, the best burger franchises offer seasonal options, special promotions, and other items that keep guests coming back for more.

Wayback Burgers is proud to be an industry leader by continually innovating flavor profiles and menu offerings to find new and original ways to satisfy guests and give franchisees a cutting-edge advantage over the competition.


An over-saturated market has meant that some hamburger chains were already facing closures before the pandemic hit. Burger King announced 250 closures in 2019, and COVID has accelerated the end of struggling stores. As business picks up again in 2021, strong franchises will be in a position to fill the gaps left by these closures. With a dining style that flourishes in tough financial times, the best hamburger franchises will also be resilient against the impact of COVID; and may even benefit from this downturn, as cash-strapped consumers look for inexpensive ways to treat themselves.

Wayback Burgers adapted early to the COVID-19 pandemic, offering curbside pickup, which allowed guests the opportunity to earn meal reward points from the comfort of their homes.

Brand Recognition

Ideally, the franchise you invest in will provide you with an affordable buy-in as well as the benefit of a well-regarded name. Franchises rely heavily on the reputations of their brands in order to attract and retain business. The best burger franchise lets guests know exactly what to expect and gives franchisees the opportunity to build off of that positive recognition.

Unwavering Support

Wayback Burgers franchisees receive world-class training, support, marketing assistance, and operational infrastructure from the moment they sign on to open their own burger restaurant. By recognizing that our overall success is bolstered by a strong franchisee network, Wayback prioritizes its owners and team members as they grow their business.

Choose Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers is the ultimate franchise success story, having started as a single burger stand in 1991 and exploding into a nationally and internationally beloved brand that has grown consistently every year since. Our growing network of franchisees prove that the Wayback Way is the best way.

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