The History of Wayback Burgers

Born in Delaware

Wayback Burgers was founded in Newark, Delaware in 1991, under the name Jake’s Hamburgers. From 1991 to 2008, the brand grew to 10 locations and began franchising. In 2009, with expansive growth on the horizon, the company decided to rebrand and change its name to Jake’s Wayback Burgers. Now known as simply ‘Wayback Burgers’, the brand has grown to over 170+ locations across 20+ countries/provinces.

Since our humble beginnings in 1991, the Wayback Burgers mission has been to create a culture of belonging by uniting people through the love of comfort food. Honesty and simplicity have always been two of our guiding principles and helped us define both our menu and approach to business.

The result has been consistent year-over-year franchise system growth, even in economic downturns and pandemics.

Proven Success

Our franchisees are thriving because Americans’ love for a quick, yet fresh and delicious meal is as strong as ever and guests around the world are actively pursuing “better burger” brands that deliver the goods. Wayback Burgers stands out among our competitors because of the timeless popularity of our burgers, our ability to feed our guests growing demand for higher quality ingredients, the appeal of a refined and nostalgic atmosphere, and pricing that’s affordable.

We’re right in the sweet spot of how tastes and preferences are evolving around the world. It’s no wonder we’re growing so steadily. The formula of a simple, honest product served up and delivered however the guest desires, just works.

Our HistoryTimeline

Jake's Hamburgers logo


Where it all started

Jake’s Hamburgers opens first store in Newark, Delaware


Began Franchising

Jake’s Hamburgers reached 10 locations and begins franchising

Wayback Burgers Logo 2009


National Expansion

Rebrands as Jake’s Wayback Burgers


50 Restaurants

Jake’s Wayback Burgers opens it’s 50th restaurant


Updated look

Rebranded Wayback Burgers


Wayback Opens in Japan


Continued growth

170+ locations in 35 states and 20+ countries/provinces world-wide