Franchise Training and Supportat Wayback BurgersYour Key to Success

Owning a Wayback Burgers franchise means you'll never be alone in your journey toward success. From the moment you express interest in owning a franchise to the hands-on franchise training and the continuous franchise support thereafter, we are fully committed to helping you thrive in your Wayback Burgers business venture.

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Navigating Financing Options

Exploring various financing options is crucial when investing in a Wayback Burgers franchise. SBA loans are tailored for small businesses, with the 7(a)-program helping to cover construction, equipment, furniture and fixtures, and signage costs. Conventional loans offer lower interest rates and longer repayment terms. Both require a credit score over 700 and a solid business plan. With other options like Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS) and personal savings also on the table, you have the freedom to choose the best fit for you.

At Wayback Burgers, we have a relationship with Boefly who would be able to help you navigate the different lending options if you choose to use their services. Understanding these options ensures informed decisions and paves the way for your Wayback Burgers investment.

Real Estate Support

Finding Your A+ Wayback Burgers Location

Securing an A+ location is undoubtedly crucial in owning a Wayback Burgers franchise. Our team has streamlined the process, and we have partnered with trusted real estate experts to help you find the optimal site for your restaurant. We use cutting-edge AI technology to provide in-depth market analytics. This data is presented through informative charts, graphs, and heat maps, offering invaluable insights to guide your decision-making process. While our typical locations range from 1600-1800 sq ft, we offer flexibility to accommodate a variety of venues.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, a Wayback Burgers Real Estate representative will submit the LOI and conduct an on-site review using a comprehensive checklist. This ensures that the location meets all requirements before proceeding with the lease negotiation which we will handle for you. You and your attorney will review the finalized lease before execution and moving on to the construction phase.

Construction Support

Building Your Dream Wayback Burgers Franchise

Once you’ve signed the lease, it’s time to bring your Wayback Burgers vision to life. We have a relationship with an architectural firm that can prepare your layout and working drawings. We will then assist you in ordering and scheduling all the equipment you need to open your Wayback franchise. Our construction team will then help you find 5-6 local general contractors and help you negotiate and understand the bids that are submitted. Once you have selected the GC, our team will submit the applications for permits. Once permits have been secured, our construction team will schedule weekly calls to keep your project on track. Our experts are always available to address any questions or concerns your contractor might have during the build-out process to ensure a smooth and successful construction experience.

Comprehensive Training Approach

Our multifaceted franchise training begins approximately six weeks before your restaurant’s grand opening. Recognizing unique learning styles, we incorporate a blend of in-person, on-site, and virtual learning. Included in your franchise fee, this training provides a smooth start to your Wayback journey.

Wayback Business School

We require a 10-day, in-person training at one of our Certified Training Restaurants to establish a solid foundation. Here, you will be hands-on with frontline operations, mastering opening and closing procedures and getting comfortable with our Point of Sale (POS) system and software.

Once you’ve got hands-on experience in a restaurant setting, Wayback Business School takes over to help you learn the ins and outs of successfully running a Wayback Burgers franchise. The team at our Franchisee Support Center delivers presentations from various operational areas from HR, Accounting, P&L management, Guest Service, National and Local Marketing, and much more.

Restaurant Opening Training

The day you all have been waiting for is here. Once you have the clear to open from the city, our training team arrives to help train your initial team members and open your doors to the public. Four days of closed-door training will be followed by a friends and family event to kick off your opening. Once the doors are open and the guests are coming in our team will help you with managing the flow while continually assisting you with managing your team to give the best guest service and speed of service that everyone is looking for.

Open Communication

Communication Is Key to A Great Relationship

We believe in open, regular communication. We keep you updated through periodic webinars, monthly calls, newsletters, annual Business Information Meetings, and Franchisee Conventions. This helps all franchisees and managers stay informed about everything happening in the Wayback family.

Local & National Marketing Support

A Comprehensive Strategy

We believe in open, regular communication. We keep you updated through periodic webinars, monthly calls, newsletters, annual Business Information Meetings, and Franchisee Conventions. This helps all franchisees and managers stay informed about everything happening in the Wayback family.

  1. National Marketing Campaigns: Large-scale brand awareness efforts are backed by marketing kits for local advertising of offers and Wayback promotions.
  2. The Wayback App: We offer national app-only promotions that boost sales and app downloads to foster brand loyalty. Wayback guests can place their take-out and curbside pickup orders through the app, and it also is linked to our loyalty program allowing guests to accrue points to use towards future visits.
  3. National & Local Social Media Advertising: We provide franchisees with social media support, including monthly calendars, automated posts, and targeted advertising on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.
  4. Grand Opening Support: Our dedicated local restaurant marketing manager will help you plan and execute your Grand Opening event. This is typically a weekend event held 60 days after you open your doors and really kicks off all your local marketing initiatives for the future.
  5. Partnerships & Fundraisers: Wayback Burgers is proud to partner with Boys and Girls Clubs of America, hosting annual fundraising events and offering local engagement opportunities.

Ongoing Franchise Support

To further strengthen your franchise efforts, we assign each franchisee a dedicated Regional Director of Operations (RDO). From day-to-day questions to weekly profit and loss reviews, your assigned director will be there for you. Regular restaurant visits will ensure quality assurance and provide opportunities for insightful business reviews.

At Wayback Burgers, we take immense pride in our world-class franchise training and support, enabling our franchisees to stay on top and evolve in the ever-changing food industry.