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Common questions about opening a Wayback Burgers franchise. Let our franchise FAQ address some of your burning questions about opening your own burger franchise.

General Questions

  • Can I open more than one restaurant?

    At first, we would like to see you purchase one franchise, become familiar with the business, and then purchase your second or third burger franchise. Based on your application and financial information, you may be eligible to purchase more than one Wayback Burgers franchise up front and at a discounted rate.

  • Do I still get the discounted rate if I open additional locations later?

    No, in order to benefit from the reduced initial franchise fee, you must purchase all agreements up front.

  • What time of day is Wayback Burgers open for business?

    Wayback Burgers, one of the fastest growing food chains, are open from 10:30 AM – 9 PM, serving lunch and dinner.

  • How much time do I need to spend in my restaurant?

    We highly encourage a hands-on approach in the ramp-up and development of your burger franchise restaurant(s). Guest service and a great attitude are major factors and should not be taken for granted. As you develop your business and hire reliable managers, we still encourage your participation during peak business times and catering opportunities.

  • Does Wayback Burgers encourage applications from women and minority owner/operators?

    Absolutely, yes.

Financial Questions

  • How much to start a franchise?

    The initial franchise fee for your first franchise is $35,000. The initial franchise fee for multiple units may be discounted for additional franchises based on certain conditions and criteria. The estimated initial investment for a typical Wayback Burgers restaurant will be between $500,000 and $600,000.

  • What do I need to qualify financially?

    To purchase a Wayback Burgers franchise, you will need a credit score of 680 and the required liquid capital of $200k.

  • If I don’t meet the financial or operational criteria to become a franchisee, can I partner with someone who does?

    Yes you can. As long as your partner owns at least 50% of your organization, this is fine.

  • Do you help me secure financing?

    Wayback Burgers does not offer financing though we have a broad list of recommended lenders we can share with candidates.

  • Is there a continuing royalty fee?

    The continuing royalty is 5% of gross sales, excluding sales tax.

  • Is there an advertising fee and what does that cover?

    Currently the advertising fees are 4% of gross sales. 2% of the fees go to National Marketing and 2% of the fees go to local marketing. Your Wayback Burgers representative will be able to give you more specifics.

Training Questions

  • How many people attend training?

    Up to two people are included in the training process as part of the initial franchise fee. Additional staff may attend for a fee.

Marketing Questions

  • I’m not a marketing expert. How do I build sales?

    Building sales takes effort on many different levels – from running your business with monitored food costs, to strong operations to local store marketing to most importantly, ensuring that you give every guest a reason to return. The Wayback Burgers marketing team, in addition to creative agencies and public relations firms, will assist you by creating national marketing initiatives and advertising to help build awareness and trial. Of course, operating a restaurant that delights customers and interacts well with the community is also critical for word-of-mouth and repeat business.

Real Estate Questions

  • What are the best locations for a new restaurant?

    Wayback Burgers appeals to many different demographic groups. An appealing, accessible location is always critical. We will help you analyze potential buildings and locations based on our decades of experience to date. Your own observations of what has succeeded and what has not in your target markets are also invaluable.

  • Who signs the lease?

    You, the franchisee, will sign the lease.

  • What is the average size of a Wayback Burgers location?

    The average traditional restaurant is between 1,600 and 1,800 sq. ft. Non-traditional venues range from 700 and 1,000 sq. ft.

  • Who designs and builds the restaurant?

    A Wayback Burgers construction coordinator will help you manage your custom design plans and we will assist you in securing an architect and engineer, as well as identifying approved subcontractors.

Purchasing Questions

  • Where do I buy my supplies, such as food and paper?

    Wayback Burgers has a national network of approved distributors that carry our contracted and proprietary products.