Why a Milkshake Franchise May Not Make It On Its Own & What’s Better

Owning a milkshake franchise may sound like a fun idea, but is it a smart investment? Learn what type of franchise may be a smarter, more profitable option.

A Little History on The Milkshake

By the 1930s, milkshakes and malted milk drinks became readily available thanks in part to the proliferation of the electric blender. Drugstore soda fountains, lunch counters, and diners were finding the sweet beverage to be increasingly popular among a wide range of consumers, both young and old. In the ensuing years, milkshakes became a menu staple at restaurants that served other American classics, like burgers and French fries. The limited range of original flavors has expanded to include anything a sweet-treat-seeker can dream up, from Oreo milkshakes to caramel brownie frappes to lowered-sugar or dairy-free options, and more.

While milkshakes remain a popular indulgence for customers looking for a cold and delicious treat, it is advisable for prospective business owners looking into a milkshake franchise to consider expanding their options beyond the frosty beverage. If you are committed to owning a shakes franchise, there is no sense of limiting yourself. Explore the possibilities of what owning a business that may be known for its delicious milkshakes can really accomplish.


Tasty Potential with More Room on The Menu

The two most common ways to make a milkshake are with hand-scooped ice cream, milk, and a flavoring element (chocolate, strawberries, etc.) or with a soft serve machine, milk, and flavoring. Both get blended to perfection and served to the guest. One of the reasons for milkshake franchises’ longevity and popularity is the product’s ease of service, as well as minimal overhead costs. After the upfront investment in the right equipment, the consistency and efficiency that can be established will lessen waste, help your workers feel confident and spend less time making shakes, and therefore lead to bigger profits.

Milkshakes can be an incredibly profitable menu item for quick service restaurants. When you take into account the average selling price of a milkshake compared to the cost of production, it’s clear that the profit margins will be a positive for a QSR’s bottom line. However, focusing solely on milkshakes likely isn’t enough to keep a business afloat, especially when there are so many complementary menu items to add to the mix. Milkshakes become even more profitable when offered alongside their natural “partners,” such as burgers, fries, and other sweet treats. Because milkshakes pair so well with so many things, you can get creative with your menu and still keep your overhead low while increasing opportunities for profit. Seasonal offerings such as green shakes for St. Paddy’s Day or pumpkin-flavored shakes in the fall draw in guests who might be interested in trying something new or exclusive.


More than A Milkshake

With milkshakes on your mind, why not explore options that allow you to churn out even more potential. Burger franchise opportunities with a brand like Wayback Burgers allows you to serve guests with all of the nostalgic flavors that made soda fountains and diners such a hit back in the day, while also tapping into modern flavors, an intuitive menu, technological advancements, and a recipe for success.

Whether we’re talking about our hand-dipped shakes, fresh, made to order burgers, hand-cut fries, or other offerings, Wayback Burgers never scrimps on the quality of ingredients and preparation. Our research and development team is always concocting new ways to keep our menu fresh and exciting for guests. And with three signature milkshakes, four classic favorites, and limited time offer milkshakes offered on our menu throughout the year, there is something for everyone.

Since opening as a single burger stand in 1991 and franchising since 2008, Wayback Burgers has maintained its successful record and craveable menu by staying on top of various food and drink trends and listening to what our guests want.


To learn more about what has made Wayback Burgers such a success and how you can take advantage of our franchising opportunities, get started.