Millennial Entrepreneurs See a Great Fit in Fast-Casual Franchises

Millennials favor convenience and quality — the hallmarks of fast-casual dining — so here's how to offer that to like-minded consumers naturally.

Fast-casual franchises are an attractive fit for millennial entrepreneurs for a simple reason: these dining concepts reflect what millennials as consumers themselves want, so, as operators, they get that. Millennials favor convenience and quality — the hallmarks of fast-casual dining — so offering that to like-minded consumers comes naturally. reported that millennial spending power is greater than that of baby boomers, and millennials eat out much more often. Who better to serve up what they want than a fellow millennial operating a fast-casual restaurant?

Fast-Casual Franchises Enable a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is important to most millennials. Contrary to the narrative that millennials are lazy, they, in fact, work hard, but they work smart.

Starting your own new, independent business completely from scratch can be an overwhelming proposition, but a franchise gives a millennial entrepreneur a vast head start. The franchisor company has already done its homework and created a successful system, which allows the franchisee to hit the ground running — with ongoing support.

This proposition is even more turn-key when the franchise is an efficient, vibrant, small-footprint fast-casual restaurant concept. A fast-casual franchise is ready-made to allow you to be your own boss but also have time to enjoy your life.

Many millennials grew up during times of recession; when the real estate market made opening a restaurant on your own daunting. But the investment necessary for entry into the market is accessible today, especially in the fast-casual segment, with smaller footprints.

Millennials Need More Than Profit; They Seek Meaning

Millennial entrepreneurs place importance on culture, community, and being independent. They admire the forward-thinking concepts of fast-casual dining brands and the ways those companies give back to the community.

Success in business means going all-in, but the reality also is that you can’t do it all by yourself. Millennials want to be innovators, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help.

A fast-casual burger franchise like Wayback Burgers strikes the right balance between offering a quality product and an exceptional value proposition. The brand describes itself as uncomplicated and honest and offers a proven concept in the desirable QSR franchise sector, providing entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business while being able to rely on the support of an established system.

Wayback Burgers franchisees can also be a part of real innovation that creates a meaningful experience for its customers. The company has introduced a special delivery vehicle that ensures a fresh product with on-site cooking capabilities. Wayback also launched a new mobile app in 2018, making it more convenient for customers to purchase cooked-to-order burgers and other items, plus the ability to monitor rewards points and use other features.

Millennials are Adept at What it Takes to Succeed in Fast-Casual

Social media-savvy millennial franchisees take it all to the next level, promoting these new tech and delivery offerings, menu items, promotions, and much more to their local consumers. Millennials grew up with social media, and they know how to get results from it.

Millennials know what they are good at and are comfortable acknowledging that they excel in certain areas but not in everything. A fast-casual franchise thrives on teamwork; the franchisee can handle what he or she is best at, while team members fill other roles—and the franchisor company’s support and expertise help it run smoothly.

Millennials also thrive when mentored. A franchisor-franchisee relationship fits the bill by providing millennial entrepreneurs critical expertise and leadership; while giving them room to innovate at the local level.

Wayback Burgers offers qualified candidates the opportunity to open and operate a business in the highly sought-after fast-casual sector with a small footprint and a big upside. Currently operating in 30 states and seven countries, the Connecticut-based burger franchise increased its system size by 14 percent in 2018, reaching 156 locations, and is projecting similar growth for 2019. Wayback offers initial training and ongoing support for all its franchisees and works diligently on finding innovative ways to offer franchisees the opportunity to increase revenue while adding value to the customer experience. For more information on how to get started visit

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