Jimmy Johns Franchise vs. Wayback Burgers: What’s the Better Buy?

When buying a franchise, make sure you’ve done your homework. Learn how a Jimmy Johns franchise compares to other sandwich shop options and which is best for you.

Jimmy John’s Story

Jimmy John Liautaud opened his first sandwich shop in 1983 and has been building his business ever since. Liautaud makes it clear that running a Jimmy John’s restaurant isn’t for everyone. It’s tough to run one of their franchises. Franchisees will spend six hours slicing and baking every day to make a 30-second sandwich.

Jimmy John’s franchise owners benefit from a simple, consistent menu and a 38-year track record that boasts an enormous number of locations. At the same time, some of what appear to be beneficial features can be detrimental to prospective owners in the long run.

As a sandwich business named after a single person, the Jimmy John’s franchise is not without its share of controversy, a feature that might deter even the most financially qualified potential investors.

The Cost of Doing Business with Jimmy John’s

The total cost of opening a new Jimmy John’s varies widely. Whether you are building a new space or purchasing a location in need of repairs or upgrades, Jimmy John’s requires prospective franchise owners to have $200,000 available cash and a net worth of at least $1 million. Jimmy John’s asks an upfront franchise fee of $30,000 to $35,000. Converting any new location from its previous state will cost anywhere between $97,500 to $200,000.

After that, you can expect to pay another $95,500 to $166,000 for freezers, refrigerators, ovens, signs, furniture, and other fixtures. All told, Jimmy John’s estimates your initial investment will be $316,100 to $558,600, which does not include any real estate purchases. These numbers don’t apply if you are taking over an already existing Jimmy John’s location. Then, you might pay more, or you might pay less.

Once you open, Jimmy John’s asks 6 percent in royalty fees and 4.5 percent for advertising on weekly sales.

What About Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers was founded in a humble location as Jake’s Hamburgers in 1991 and has grown into a franchise through a loyal customer base and dedicated franchise owners across the globe. The name change turned the focus from a single person and placed emphasis on a timeless American staple, the foundation on which Wayback has been building ever since. With over 500 contracted locations and 160-plus currently operating, our success can be credited to a network of amazing people, not just one name.

Wayback Burgers serves delicious, authentic food in an uncomplicated way. We provide guests with a fun, welcoming environment to enjoy their well-crafted burgers, fries, and shakes while offering owners a supportive franchise model that allows them to succeed.

Wayback Is the Way

Wayback Burgers provides an appealing investment opportunity for both new and experienced restaurateurs. With an initial franchise fee of $35,000 and an estimated total investment between $350,000 to $450,000, Wayback offers the kind of support, training, and positive growth that other franchises cannot sustain.

Wayback Burgers is one of the most promising franchise opportunities in the restaurant industry, providing owners with world-class training, marketing assistance, and ongoing support. Whether you are new to the restaurant world or an accomplished professional, Wayback offers prospective owners an unmatched level of partnership.

Wayback Burgers is a burger franchise concept that continues to be successful and thrive. As an affordable, delicious dining option, Wayback surpasses the competition by providing unparalleled food and service to its guests while giving franchise owners the opportunity to establish a meaningful business in their communities.

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