Chipotle Franchise: Why You Can’t Own One & What to Consider Instead

So, you’re considering diving into the world of franchising, and you’ve set your sights on Chipotle, one of the most popular fast-casual brands in the market. They’re known for their made-to-order burritos and bowls and emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients. Unfortunately, you can’t own a Chipotle franchise — all Chipotles are owned and operated by the company. Learn what fast-casual franchise opportunity you should consider instead.

Chipotle’s History

With 3,264 U.S. locations, the Chipotle restaurant chain has made a broad impact on the restaurant industry since it burst onto the scene in 1993. Considered a healthier alternative to other quick-service Mexican-style alternatives, Chipotle also revolutionized the type of fast-casual menu customization we see in many restaurants today, which offer customers a range of options within focused categories that is both convenient and inexpensive while of an elevated quality.

This approach enhances the interaction between diner and restaurant — giving customers control over exactly what they’d like in their dishes, based on personal tastes and any dietary restrictions, while leaving the food preparation in the trained hands of the kitchen staff. Chipotle serves food without artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, placing high value on fresh ingredients and “food with integrity.”

Why Doesn’t Chipotle Franchise?

Every single Chipotle location you’ve ever visited is company-owned. The reason behind this strategy is to maintain strict control over their operations, quality, and brand consistency. This gives them the ability to quickly implement changes across all outlets, without having to consult a vast network of individual franchise owners. While this might be a letdown for you as a potential franchise investor, it’s crucial to remember there are other viable paths to success in the fast-casual market.

For motivated entrepreneurs who appreciate the Chipotle franchise model and are interested in franchising, there are lots of promising options for you to invest in. Other brands count franchising as a source of strength and embrace the concept to help build their impact.

Considering Alternatives: Why Wayback Burgers?

Since owning a Chipotle is off the table, let’s shift gears and look at an equally thriving brand that does offer franchise opportunities: Wayback Burgers.

Wayback Burgers has cemented its place in the fast-casual market with a reputation for delicious burgers, hand-dipped shakes, and a nostalgic dining experience that people crave.

Advantages of Owning a Wayback Burgers Franchise

  • Proven business model: Wayback Burgers has a track record of success. Our franchise system is structured and well-established, giving you a roadmap to follow. No need to reinvent the wheel; you’ll be tapping into a model that works.
  • Comprehensive training: You don’t need to be a restaurant guru to succeed with Wayback Burgers. Our in-depth training programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to run your franchise efficiently.
  • Marketing and branding support: With a recognized brand behind you, much of the initial marketing work is already done. Wayback Burgers also provides ongoing marketing support to help your restaurant stay relevant and attract guests.
  • Operational support: From site selection to ongoing operational guidance, you’re not alone in this venture. The Wayback team is there to assist and ensure you have everything in place for a successful run.
  • Community involvement: Wayback Burgers isn’t just about delicious food. Part of our mission is to build relationships with the local communities we serve through various partnerships and charities.

A Better Way to Franchising

While there may be appeal to the idea of owning a Chipotle, a hamburger business with Wayback offers an honest and uncomplicated alternative, allowing you to venture into the fast-casual market with the backing of an established and supportive brand that understands the value of our franchisees.

To find out more about what Wayback Burgers has to offer in franchising, get started today.