How Much Does a Franchise Owner Make? What to Expect

Choosing a franchise and wondering, "How much does a franchise owner make?" Learn how franchisee income varies and what to expect across industries.

The Right Investment

When you buy a franchise, first and foremost, you are investing in a brand and an established business model. Franchises have spent a lot of time, money and energy building a reputation, which is something investors will benefit from the minute they open their doors. Because of this, it’s important to find a brand whose values and goals align with your own so that you are proud to represent the franchise.

While initial franchise fees and ongoing payments may seem intimidating, owners benefit from the transparency and consistency provided by the franchise system over the long haul.

Franchisees are responsible for running day-to-day operations, just like independent owners, but they have the advantage of receiving ongoing support with everything from marketing and training to menu items, community outreach and more. When asking the question, “How much does a franchise owner make?” it’s important to not only consider the monetary return on investment, but how your involvement with a particular business model will pay off in other ways.

In addition to asking how much a franchise owner makes, you’re also considering how much it costs to invest. The restaurant industry provides one of the most lucrative franchise investment opportunities. After all, everyone has to eat! Even in the face of global pandemics and economic downturns, restaurants continue to provide sustainable options for motivated entrepreneurs who value guest service and growth potential. The industry offers a breadth of options from fast-casual to coffee shops, fine dining and more. There is something for everyone.

Initial franchise restaurant costs can range anywhere from $25,000 to over $1 million, depending on location requirements, business model and ongoing support. Startup costs for a Wayback Burgers franchise range between $350,000 to $450,000, a very reasonable investment for an award-winning fast-casual burger concept with lots of prime territories still available. The startup costs cover expenditures such as construction, restaurant equipment, opening inventory, POS system and more.

Reap the Rewards

Regardless of the industry, it’s difficult to nail down exactly how much profit you will make as a franchise owner. A good rule of thumb is to follow your passion, research the markets that interest you most or for which you can bring some experience to the table, and then speak with current and former franchise owners to learn how they have fared.

Figures fluctuate and change, especially in the initial years. The exact amount each store makes depends on size, market, and accrued expenses. Franchise profits depend on a number of variables, including local demand for your product, labor costs, commercial lease rates and several other factors.

Win Big with Wayback

In the world of recession-resistant fast-casual restaurants, burgers remain supreme. Founded in 1991 and franchising since 2008, Wayback Burgers serves up food that’s honest, uncomplicated, and delicious alongside world-class guest service. Our franchises offer premium opportunities to new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Wayback’s straightforward approach to both food and franchising will keep guests and investors coming back for years to come. By investing in a franchise with Wayback Burgers, you partner with a brand that is equally invested in your success and will show up for and with you every day.

To learn more about franchising opportunities, get started with Wayback Burgers today.