Japan’s Next Meats Co. Announces Collaboration with US Burger Chain Wayback Burgers

As hinted at in our interview this week, Tokyo’s Next Meats Co has announced a new collaboration with Wayback Burgers, a popular US burger chain and one of the fastest growing burger franchises in the country. According to Seeking Alpha, Next Meat stock has dropped 20% despite the announcement.

In addition, Next Meats announced that its vegan-friendly NEXT Yakiniku Short Rib – the world’s first Japanese-style plant-based grilled meat – will be available in the US with the launch of its highly anticipated online e-commerce shop on 23 June.

As part of the collaboration, Next Meats Co. and Wayback Burgers will be giving away free samples of the East Meats Next® Slider and Pioneer Slider at the Sacramento Vegan Food Festival on Saturday, June 19. The East Meats Next® Slider features NEXT® Short Rib, grilled and topped with fresh kimchi and ponzu pickles, and The Pioneer includes a NEXT® Short Rib patty made with all-vegetable ingredients and topped with ketchup and pickles.

Although this is only a one-day trial, both brands believe the innovative sliders will be well received by festival-goers. They are looking forward to introducing their Japanese-style vegan meat dishes with American applications to foodies in the area.

Next Meats Co. will launch its online e-commerce platform in the Los Angeles area on 23 June, where customers looking for vegan-friendly meatless alternatives can purchase NEXT Yakiniku Short Rib, a popular product in Japan.