Wayback Burgers Aims to Build on 2018’s Fantastic Franchise Development Success

New Partnerships, New Markets, New Locations, New Technology Fuel Spectacular Growth for On-Trend Burger Franchise

Wayback Burgers, America’s favorite hometown burger joint and one of the nation’s fastest growing burger franchises, grew tremendously in 2018 with a huge franchise development push, an expanding consumer base and increased awareness of the brand’s blazing success story.

America’s favorite hometown burger joint is heading into 2019 with a full head of steam. Here is a recap of the brand’s 2018 franchise development success, by the numbers…

  • Wayback Burgers added 18 new worldwide locations in 2018, representing a 14% system growth.
  • Domestically, Wayback Burgers helped 14 franchise partners open their doors in 2018 while signing leases with 14 additional franchise partners set to open in the weeks/months to come.
  • Internationally, Wayback Burgers established agreements with 3 new master franchise partners who will help launch up to 36 franchise locations in 3 countries in the coming years.

In sum, at the end of 2018, Wayback Burgers had 147 active franchise locations operating in 30 US states and 7 total countries. By end of 2019, Wayback Burgers expects to have 166 active franchise locations operating in 30 US states and 7 total countries.

With more than 500 commitments to open new locations in the US and around the globe, expansion is at the forefront of Wayback Burgers’ continued success. Last year, Wayback Burgers added its first franchise in the Netherlands and opened locations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries. Additionally, Wayback signed master-franchise agreements with new partners in South Africa, Ireland and British Columbia, and new franchisees in Saskatchewan, Malaysia and Manitoba.

“We were thrilled with the progress we made last year in growing the brand, expanding relationships with franchisees, and extending the opportunity to eat Wayback Burgers to consumers across America and the world,” said John Eucalitto, CEO of Wayback Burgers. “We added to our success and maintained our momentum as one of the most intriguing brands in the fast-casual industry. And we already are off to a great start in building on those achievements in 2019.”

Partnerships were another crucial area of immense progress for Wayback Burgers in 2018. Wayback reached an agreement with the Coca-Cola Company to become the brand’s exclusive supplier of fountain beverages, tea, and Barrilitos products for all US restaurants. This transition was an important milestone that aligns Wayback Burgers even further with consumer desires and preferences.

“Coca-Cola brands are at the top of the mountain when it comes to beverages that consumers crave as part of their out-of-home meals,” says Wayback Burgers Executive Vice President Bill Chemero. “Being able to give our guests Coke products at Wayback Burgers locations enhances a fast-casual restaurant experience that they already say is top-notch.”

Wayback Burgers also formalized a partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of America in 2018, marking a significant new relationship between the iconic children’s not-for-profit organization and a growing brand with franchise partners who are enthusiastic about helping the youth in their own communities.

“This is an important milestone for Wayback Burgers as we worked with Boys and Girls Clubs to formalize our early efforts to help a very worthy organization. Through this partnership, we created an important platform for our brand to give back and for our local franchisees to become important players in the crucial philanthropy that supports their own markets,” Chemero said.

Continuing to find ways to build the visibility and value of its brand, Wayback Burgers also opened its first restaurant with a new architectural design. The company also launched a redesigned menu-board system that allows guests to understand its menu and ordering system at a glance. These changes make for better service and improved loyalty – as well as for smoother operations.

Wayback Burgers introduced its first mobile ordering and loyalty app in 2018 and tested a revolutionary delivery vehicle in Connecticut: an electrically-driven mini food truck that is perfect for navigating urban environments. The company will showcase the new mini-food truck at events throughout the year, starting with the New York / New Jersey Franchise Show hosted at the Meadowlands Expo Center in East Rutherford, NJ from February 16 and 17.

In 2019, Wayback Burgers will have a strong presence at several upcoming franchise shows, both domestic and international, to build relationships with new franchise partners:

  • Multi-Unit Franchising Conference – Las Vegas, March 24th-27th
  • International Franchise Show – London, April 5th-6th
  • International Franchise Expo – New York, May 30th-June 1st
  • NACS SHOW – Atlanta, GA – October 2 – 4th