National Burger Day 2021: Where To Get The Best Food Freebies And Deals

Food lovers are no doubt looking forward to the big holiday weekend coming up. That’s right, it’s National Burger Day this Friday, May 28. Memorial Day, of course, will come in and steal National Burger Day’s thunder by giving a lot of people a day off from work or school the following Monday. But before you grill some steaks, wieners, or hamburgers (of course!) over the extended weekend, you might want to take advantage of some of the burger-related deals offered at chain restaurants across the U.S. Then, when Memorial Day arrives, you can take a moment to honor those members of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice, so you could peaceably assemble at your local drive-thru. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to enjoy your National Burger Day deal while dining in.

Let’s start with the biggest burger chain in the world, McDonald’s (via Investopedia). This Friday, you can get a free order of medium fries with any purchase of a dollar or more through the McDonald’s app, according to USA Today. This is more a Friday thing than a National Burger Day thing, though. The offer continues every Friday through June. Just so we’re not playing favorites, we’ll mention that Burger King is loaded with online deals now, too, although nothing special for National Burger Day.

Even Wing Zone and Papa John’s have deals on National Burger Day

Now that we’ve dispensed with the two biggest burger chains in the U.S. (via QSR), let’s round up the rest of the National Burger Day deals out there. Wendy’s is recognizing the holiday with an app-only offer: a free Dave’s Single or Junior Bacon Cheeseburger on Friday, May 28 with purchase, per USA Today. Smashburger is selling Double Classics for $5 on Friday at participating locations. Del Taco is offering a BOGO deal on the Double Del Cheeseburger: Buy one Double Del, get one free this Friday through the Del Taco app. Wayback Burgers would like you to use its app, too. On Friday, Wayback is giving triple rewards points and offering the Signature Burger for $3, according to Delish.Wing Zone has burgers on its menu, too. The Buffalo wing-focused chain is offering lunch specials on Friday and Saturday: burger, fries and 20-ounce drink for $9. You won’t find any burgers on the Papa John’s menu. But you will find Papadias, which are close. They’re pretty much pizza sandwiches, and Papa John’s is offering the new Parmesan Crusted Papadia for 25% off through June 1.

Finally, Pepsi is getting in on the National Burger Day action, offering a free Pepsi to people who post a photo on social media of a burger and a Pepsi purchased on Friday, with the hashtag #BetterWithPepsi. Wendy Williams has already busted out a #BetterWithPepsi post on Twitter, so you should, too.