Wayback Burgers Takes A Shot At Prince Harry With New Burger

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been everywhere lately. You can’t turn on your laptop scroll through the news, or roll through a supermarket checkout without seeing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex these days. And forget about tuning them out while watching your favorite streaming service. The ex-royals have recently been the subject of a popular six-part Netflix documentary, and Prince Harry appeared in a recent “60 Minutes” interview to discuss the most buzzworthy tell-all of the 21st century, his new memoir, “Spare” (per CBS).

“Spare,” a reference to Prince Harry’s role in the famous phrase “an heir and a spare,” was scheduled for release on January 10, but publications have been buzzing about it since The Guardian and CNN got ahold of copies ahead of publication. The new book goes far beyond the royal battle to get William and Harry to eat their vegetables — it dishes on Harry and Meghan’s rift with the royal family and how Harry handled his mother Princess Diana’s death, plus juicy dirt like teenage drug use and how Harry lost his virginity to an older woman who “treated [him] not unlike a young stallion.” The book also digs up old dirt and gives new details on past scandals like when Harry dressed up in a Nazi uniform in 2005. But all that juicy dish aside, Wayback Burgers has come up with its own juicy dish in Prince Harry’s honor… Sort of.

Love it or hate it, Prince Harry is everywhere right now. And apparently, Wayback Burgers hates it. The nostalgia-driven burger chain has launched a new menu item designed to stuff your mouth so full that nothing can come out of it. The burger, cheekily named The Royal Silencer, even includes a spare patty for the “Spare” author to chow down on (per QSR News). That makes for a total of three all-beef patties, melty American cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and pickles, all topped off with ketchup and mustard.

“We designed The Royal Silencer to fill mouths to capacity with every bite to discourage spilling sensitive family drama to the media and general public,” Patrick Conlin, president of Wayback Burgers, said of this gargantuan creation. “No matter the family situation,” he added, “there isn’t a problem in the world that cannot be resolved over a good burger.” While we doubt that holds true for the supposedly embittered royals, the chain has promised the royal family free burgers should they decide to test it out. The prince is reported to be a big fan of American fast food, although Wayback Burgers isn’t the fast food place Prince Harry always visits. For us commoners, the burger retails for $9.99.