Everywhere You Can Get Free (Or Cheap) Food This National Hamburger Day

It can be argued that there is no food as classic as a traditional burger. The combination of patty, lettuce, tomato, and bun can be adjusted to anyone’s preferences to be made simple or insane, depending on what you’re going for. A food as signature as the hamburger needs a day to celebrate it in all of it’s glory and National Hamburger Day falls on May 28 for all to celebrate.

You can of course fire up the grill yourself to start the festivities, but you should also know that some of your favorite burger chains are offering free and cheap burgers and fries for the occasion.

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When you place a mobile order on Friday of at least $1, you can grab a free medium order of fries.


Pepsi is giving people the chance to try their favorite burger with a complimentary Pepsi so they can see how good the two go together. Anyone who shares a photo on Facebook. Twitter, or Instagram with a Pepsi and a fast food burger purchased on May 28 with the hashtag #BetterWithPepsi will have their Pepsi paid for by the brand. Fans can also click a #BetterWithPepsi ad on Facebook or Instagram to share their receipts.

Carl’s Jr.

By signing up for the Carl’s Jr. promo club you’ll automatically qualify for a free small order of fries and small beverage with the purchase of a Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

Habit Burger

When you order from Habit Grill through May 30 on Uber Eats you can get a free Charburger which includes crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, caramelized onions, pickles, and mayo on a toasted bun.

Dog Haus

At participating locations you can get the signature Haus Burger for $5 when you order in-store.

Wayback Burgers

On any orders made through the Wayback Burgers app, rewards members will get triple the points. On May 28 you can also get a $3 Signature Burger.