Wayback Burgers Celebrates Oktoberfest with the Das Bierburger

Wayback Burgers, America’s Favorite Hometown Burger Joint and one of the nation’s fastest-growing burger franchises, is celebrating Oktoberfest with a new tasty burger: Das Bierburger. This unique burger is made of an all-beef burger patty with sweet Bavarian mustard, beer cheese and crispy French onions. The whole delicious concoction is served on a gourmet, fluffy pretzel bun and topped with a salted pretzel bite. Additionally, hungry guests can also order the Pub Pretzel Bites as a side to accompany their burger. The salted pretzel bites are served with your choice of sweet Bavarian mustard or beer cheese.

These tasty treats are being rolled out in honor of Oktoberfest, the famous event in Germany that hosts a beer festival along with other fun attractions. This huge celebration is traditionally held in Munich, Germany, in late September and early October. In addition to traditional German beers, Oktoberfest is known for gourmet pretzels, and, of course, beer cheese. Wayback Burgers is paying homage to the great festival with its latest gourmet creations. Das Bierburger is a limited-time offer and will be available starting on National Cheeseburger Day (September 18) through November 29.

“People want more options and demand more flavor,” says Patrick Conlin, President of Wayback Burgers. “We are excited to offer our guests more than just a plain burger. We are always looking for new, trendy menu flavors worldwide, which led us to incorporate beer cheese on our menu. We love to mix it up and offer unique options along with the classics.”

This ode to Oktoberfest may be Wayback’s cheesiest burger yet — and the timing is perfect. The burger launches on National Cheeseburger Day and Americans are craving zesty beer cheese.

Datassential reports:

  • Beer cheese was the fastest-growing dairy cheese on menus in the past year
  • It grew 30 percent on menus in the past year and 110 percent in the past four years
  • Beer cheese is also up 459 percent on Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) in the past four years.

While the exact origins of beer cheese are unknown, there’s rumor that it first came to be in the 1930s near the Kentucky River. The unique, salty cheese is said to be created by Chef Joe Allman, and first served as a complimentary snack to guests at the nearby Driftwood Inn as an appetizer for beer. Originally, sliced veggies were used for dipping, but today the cheese spread is frequently served with pretzels or used as a condiment on burgers and fries. Beer cheese typically consists of a sharp cheddar cheese, beer, garlic and a variety of spices. While beer cheese is most commonly found in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, the trend is quickly spreading across the country.

Wayback Burgers is proud to offer guests a unique flavor experience with the new, exciting Das Bierburger. History has shown that beer cheese and pretzels are the perfect combination, and Wayback is excited to add a fun new twist to the classic combo.