Wayback Burgers’s Food Truck Concept Combines Delivery with Mobile Kitchen

Wayback Burgers is introducing Viddl-It – a compact, electric vehicle and app that combines the convenience of delivery with on-site cooking. This new initiative is Wayback Burger’s CEO John Eucalitto’s solution to the “soggy fries” problem.

From packaging solutions to cars with miniature ovens, restaurant owners and managers have long battled the challenge of delivering quality food to customers located miles away from a restaurant’s kitchen.

Working with Tropos Technologies, Wayback Burgers has created a new solution to this perennial challenge – a 5-and-a-half by 8-foot mini electric food truck that brings the kitchen to its customers. Using the Viddl-It app, customers can reserve a vehicle (with the same name) for catering needs or simply order a meal that will be delivered to them and cooked on the spot.

“It’s basically private catering on demand,” explains Eucalitto. “The food is made fresh on the spot,” he says, and added that it addresses the two biggest complaints from customers about quality or that a driver forgot something.

The Cheshire, Conn.-based burger franchise tested the first Viddl-It vehicle near its headquarters before unveiling the new program to franchisees at the Wayback Burgers Convention in October of last year. The compact vehicles will cost franchisees who choose to include Viddl-It in their operations around $35,000, come outfitted with refrigerators, freezers, griddles, fryers, etc. and run on electric and propane with a battery that gets about 80 miles per charge. They are striving to have this service more widely available by Q3.

To celebrate the launch of the revolutionizing Viddl- It delivery vehicle, Wayback Burgers is going on a cross-country tour. The Wayback team will depart from the headquarters in Connecticut, trek across the U.S. to Vegas to attend the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference and then return home again. The truck will be making pit stops along the way so Wayback Burgers fans will have a chance to experience Wayback’s fresh burgers at their convenience.