Wayback Burgers report solid growth in 2017

Wayback Burgers finishes 2017 with 26 openings

Wayback Burgers reported that it opened 26 units during 2017, ending the year with 148 units and plans to keep growing, according to a company press release.

In Q4, Wayback Burgers expanded its reach into Africa, recently opening a restaurant in Sudan. Further, Wayback Burgers had its eyes set on the Netherlands and Bangladesh as well, closing deals with master franchisees in both countries.

In total, Q4 saw 11 restaurant openings for Wayback Burgers. In addition to the Sudan location, Wayback Burgers opened 10 domestic locations. It also signed four new leases and announced 12 other locations now in construction.

“2017 was a year defined by unprecedented expansion into new communities all over the world, the development of innovative and appetizing new menu items, the embracing of new technological trends, and impressive improvements to all Wayback Burgers online properties,” Wayback Burgers Executive Vice President Bill Chemero, said in the release.  “I am proud of our progress and anticipate even greater accomplishments in the future.”

The momentum of 2017 will quickly carry into 2018 for Wayback Burgers, Chemero said.

“Wayback Burgers is poised and well positioned, through comprehensive strategies and calculated negotiations, to continue our domestic and international growth,” he said. “Our brand has built a strong reputation here in America, and in points around the globe, and there are several overseas who are clamoring to introduce Wayback Burgers to a brand new clientele. This serves as a testament to the men and women who have worked hard daily to build Wayback Burgers into one of the world’s fastest growing burger franchises.”

Founded in 1991, in Newark, Delaware, Wayback Burgers operates in 28 states with more than 148 locations nationally and internationally in Argentina, Brunei, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia