Wayback Burgers Created a Plant-Based Impossible Melt for Lent

Just in time for Lent, Wayback Burgers has debuted a new Impossible Melt.

Around Lent, many consumers vow to eliminate meat from their diet. To accommodate those consumers, as well as the growing number of flexitarians, Wayback Burgers has created an Impossible Melt. The new sandwich starts with an Impossible plant-based patty that’s topped with spicy garlic aioli, Swiss cheese, and sautéed onions. All the toppings are then sandwiched between two toasted, inverted buns. As Wayback Burgers President Patrick Conlin explains, “With the addition of this new product, Wayback Burgers is answering the call of guests who are increasingly adding plant-based alternatives to their diet, and there is no better time than Lent to try a new meatless option.”