Wayback Burgers Adding Chipotle Cheesesteak to Menu for Limited Time

Wayback Burgers knows when it has a hit on its hands. The Cheesesteak certainly fits the bill as it was added to the permanent menu last year after a wildly successful run as a limited time offer (LTO) in early 2017. And Wayback Burgers is upping the ante, and the spice, this spring as it introduces a new limited time offer (LTO), the Chipotle Cheesesteak, to the menu rotation.

Wayback Burgers guests will get an explosion of flavor when they dive into this treat. The Chipotle Cheesesteak’s foundation is the uber-popular Wayback Burgers Cheesesteak. That involves well-seasoned sautéed peppers that are blended into a generously sized portion of made to order meat and cheese. The Chipotle Cheesesteak isn’t complete, though, until the protein is stuffed in a delicious sub roll layered with a unique chipotle mayonnaise. Guests ordering the Chipotle Cheesesteak can choose between the chicken option, which features shredded chicken, or the steak, featuring shredded beef.

Wayback Burgers’ president, John Eucalitto, says it just makes good business sense to give guests what they want AND what they deserve.

“Our successful business model is rooted in serving delicious and fresh products that evoke cherished memories of simpler times with family and friends,” says Eucalitto. “That doesn’t necessarily mean old. That means providing excellent customer service, which is timeless. Our guests fell in love with the Cheesesteak, which at one point was a temporary menu option. It was so successful, it was a no-brainer to give our guests what they obviously desired.  With the Chipotle Cheesesteak, we’re providing an additional flavor profile to the popular menu item while adding a chicken option to capitalize on a ‘hot’ food trend.”

The Chipotle Cheesesteak made its debut on the Wayback Burgers menus on April 16. Guests will be able to purchase the sandwich until the promotion expires on July 1.

“It’s one of the first lessons in economics class—supply and demand,” says Patrick Conlin, Wayback Burgers’ Senior Vice President. “We listen to our guests when they make a demand. Now, we’re supplying guests with a unique twist with the addition of the Chipotle Cheesesteak. It’s a slight change of pace for those who desire a little kick to their cheesesteak.”

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