QSRMagazine.com: Wayback Burgers Headed to Quebec with New Master Franchise Deal

Wayback Burgers announced a new Master Franchise Agreement with Sushil Bhagudia, bringing the burger concept to Quebec.

Under the agreement, Bhagudia will open 20-30 Wayback Burgers restaurants across the province in the next 20 years. Currently, Bhagudia is working closely with Brian Corsetti, Vice President International, Wayback Burgers and commercial real estate brokers to secure high-traffic and business-friendly locations to develop his Wayback Burgers franchises.

The first opening is planned in the West Island of Montreal in late 2023. Bhagudia’s sister, Trupti Bhagudia, and his friend, Alain LeJeune, will operate the concept’s West Island flagship restaurant. Bhagudia believes the pair’s restaurant management and operations backgrounds will provide them with the necessary skills to succeed.

Bhagudia’s Quebec Master Franchise Agreement comes as an addition to his current franchise ownership of Wayback Burgers of Monroe, NY. Since acquiring the restaurant in 2018, Bhagudia has doubled his sales. He attributes his success in the burger business franchise to his love for the brand and believing in the product.

“As Wayback Burgers’ first master franchisee in Quebec, I’m eager to continue expanding the brand’s international footprint throughout Canada,” says Sushil Bhagudia, Master Franchisee. “Wayback Burgers is a concept I truly love and believe in. I’m committed to accelerating Wayback Burgers’ growth, now and into the future.”

Through the Wayback Burgers Master Franchise Program, an individual is awarded its Master Franchise rights for a country, stepping into the franchisor’s development role for a specific territory. Wayback Burgers provides its Master Franchisees with a comprehensive business model to help grow the brand around the world with the same enthusiasm, passion and support systems that exist in the United States.

“We are pleased to announce Wayback Burgers’ entry into Quebec with our latest Master Franchise Agreement,” says William Chemero, Chief Development Officer of Wayback Burgers. “Our new master franchisee, Sushil Bhagudia, has extensive knowledge of the restaurant and customer service industries. We look forward to partnering with him as we begin this new chapter in Wayback Burgers’ Canadian expansion.”

With over 166 locations nationally and internationally in nine countries, Wayback Burgers has experienced rapid growth since its humble beginnings. Through its executed international franchise agreements, the brand has seen a strong and in-demand need to provide quality burgers and customer service both domestically and globally. To date, Wayback Burgers plans to open in 38 provinces/countries through similar international master franchise agreements, including the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, Japan, Germany and in Canada, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, The Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and British Columbia.