National French Fry Day: Where to Get Your Fries

Some say there is a holiday now for just about everything. And that fact is a boon for restaurant brands, providing a myriad of opportunities to create special limited time offers and promotions to help franchise owners boost sales dramatically.
This week, it’s time for America’s favorite culinary sidekick to slide out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Wayback Burgers is helping participating franchisees serve up big sales with a promotion that sends french fries from being a salty side hustle over to center stage.
Burgers lovers may recall that things previously got juicy on May 28, which was National Hamburger Day, when restaurants set forth sizzling specials on the classic, iconic American dish in all its many iterations. For example, Wayback Burgers offered all their signature premium burgers at $3 each. In fact, the whole month of May saw discounts on meals, extra points earned on purchases, and even free stuff, such as sides and drinks, at Wayback Burgers.

What is National French Fry Day?

It’s not complicated. In fact, you might say it’s perfectly cut and fried. Friday, July 13 has been set aside as a special day for the side item they call “French” but which has been fully assimilated into American menus since before any of us were born. According to National Day Calendar, this holiday is simply a day for us to focus on our love of french fries.

Hot Offers on Fries

The phrase “free french fries” sure has a nice, alliterative ring to it, and Wayback Burgers is banking on guests following that call to participating locations on July 13. On National French Fry Day, each customer purchasing a burger or other sandwich gets a free regular order of classic, prepared-to-order fries. The promotion will attract fry lovers who can enjoy fries straight or dip them first in ketchup or Wayback Gold sauce, a unique blend of barbecue sauce and mustard.
For guests who prefer a treat beyond naked fries, Wayback Burgers has got it covered—literally. Though not included in the free offer, the menu always includes favorites such as Chili Cheese Fries, which are topped with chili, cheddar jack cheese, and fresh scallions; or the Bacon Cheese Fries, festooned with cheddar jack cheese and a layer of chopped bacon and fresh scallions, all drizzled with ranch sauce. And Wayback Burgers also offers its O-Fries, a combo order of fries and onion rings mixed together.

How to Truly Celebrate

This salty sidekick certainly deserves its day in the sun, but the reason people really love fries, after all, is because they play such a perfect complement to a burger. Wayback Burgers, as always, features cooked-to-order specialties including the Classic, Rodeo, Double Bacon, Carolina (regional), Cheeeesy, and Double and Single craft-your-own burgers. All of them lend a warm shoulder for french-fried potatoes to, ahem, fry on.
But, remember, french fries are the real star on July 13, and Wayback Burgers expects guests to show them off on social media with #NationalFrenchFryDay.

Wayback Burgers

Founded in 1991 in Newark, DE, Wayback Burgers is a Connecticut-based fast-casual franchise with a reputation for cooked to order burgers and thick, hand-dipped milkshakes, served in an environment that hearkens back to a simpler place and time—when customer service meant something and everyone felt the warmth of the community.
Wayback Burgers currently operates in 30 states with over 166 locations nationally and internationally in Argentina, Brunei, Sudan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. Through its executed master franchise agreements, Wayback Burgers plans to open in 38 provinces/countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Africa, Argentina, Pakistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Ireland, Alberta, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the Netherlands and a pending letter of Intent for Germany.
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