National Cheeseburger Day: Find the Latest FREE Burgers & Deals

Have faith America. National Cheeseburger Day falls on September 18. That means there’s a free (or at least discounted) cheeseburger waiting for you somewhere in this great nation. (See below.) Prepare to enjoy an American food icon — a cheeseburger oozing warm cheesy deliciousness on top of a moist, juicy patty (or two.) No matter how refined your palate might be, a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger seems to satisfy! Especially on September 18.

Here you’ll find money-saving deals, plus a hand-curated list of chefs, food writers and bloggers contributing their most creative National Cheeseburger Day recipe ideas. Hint: Think donuts!

But first let’s pause to thank Lionel Sternberger for his invention of gastronomic genius.

Sternberger? Well, he certainly had the perfect name for the job.

Anyway, Lionel was 16 years old in 1926, flipping burgers inside his dad’s sandwich shop, the “Rite Spot,” in Pasadena, California.  But, here’s where things get interesting. Consistent with most how-it-got-started stories, there are two versions. In one, Lionel, out of curiosity, added a piece of American cheese onto a hamburger frying on the griddle.  In version two, a homeless passerby saw Lionel working those burgers and suggested adding cheese. Either way, the rest is mouth-watering, delicious history.

Whether you grill your own burgers today or caravan with your crew to everybody’s favorite burger joint,  go hog-wild crazy eating as many toasted, drippingly-good cheeseburgers as your tummy can hold.  So, thanks, Lionel — we wouldn’t be eating cheeseburgers without you!

Cheeseburger Day FAQs:

What day was the cheeseburger invented?

While the exact date is unknown, the cheeseburger was invented in 1926 by Lionel Sternberger in Pasadena, CA at his father’s sandwich shop called the “Rite Spot.”

What is the birthplace of the cheeseburger? 

Despite what you might hear from people from Kentucky, the cheeseburger was born in California at the aforementioned “Rite Spot” in Pasadena, CA. This comes as no surprise with the Golden State’s heritage of Americana and car dominated drive-in culture.

Is McDonald’s celebrating National Cheeseburger Day?

Stop me if you’ve heard this: Pricing and participation may vary. Some McDonald’s are indeed participating but you’ll have to check the McDonald’s app to check if your local one is.

Why is it National Cheeseburger Day?

Certain days exist out of pure love (and hunger). But we celebrate them just the same. Cheeseburger Day falls in that hazy post-summer space between Labor Day and the fall equinox. Think of it as your final summer dining fling.

When is National Hamburger Day?

Dairy not your speed? You’re in luck! The next  National Hamburger Day falls on May 28, 2020. Celebrate with National Today.

What restaurants celebrate National Cheeseburger Day?

Das Bierburger – Wayback Burgers
Wayback Burgers’ new Das Bierburger is made of an all-beef burger patty with sweet Bavarian mustard, beer cheese and crispy French onions. The whole delicious concoction is served on a gourmet, fluffy pretzel bun and topped with a salted pretzel bite.

Burger on Pretzel Bun

“We are excited to be bringing a little bit of Oktoberfest back home to the states,” says Patrick Conlin, president of Wayback Burgers. “Das Bierburger is unique, exciting and the perfect way to ring in the fall. I can’t wait to share that taste with our guests! And of course, it pairs perfectly with our new Pub Pretzel Bites.”