Franchise Update’s 21 for ’21 Female Fast Risers!


Director of Marketing

Brand: Wayback Burgers

Years in franchising: 5

No. of units: 166 

What attracted you to franchising? I honestly didn’t know much about franchising. I was just really excited about the opportunity at Wayback Burgers. I love having the opportunity to be creative and learn and grow with such an exciting brand. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already, and I’m thrilled about what’s to come.

What was your first job in franchising? I started as a marketing coordinator at Wayback Burgers and was promoted to digital brand experience manager after one year. In June 2019, I was offered another promotion and earned the title of director of marketing. It’s been wonderful to be promoted from within because I have a much better understanding of the challenges and issues all other marketing team members are experiencing. It helps me be a better leader because I’ve sat in multiple different seats as I’ve grown with the company.

What do you attribute your success to? I simply do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether it’s my responsibility or not. I am a big believer in having a can-do attitude and in showing up, being accountable, and working hard. With that combination in place, good things usually happen.

What challenges and obstacles have you overcome in your career? I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in my career and know I’ve earned my way into this position. However, there are times when it’s been difficult to communicate effectively as a young woman surrounded by longer-tenured and/or more experienced executives, both internally at Wayback and externally with vendors and other contacts I’ve made. There are times when it’s difficult to strike the right balance between being firm and being empathetic when communicating about results or big ideas I’m trying to share. That said, I am so thankful for the conversations I’ve had with many different mentors who have helped me work through some of those situations. Tough moments like those make me stronger and give me confidence each time I face a new challenge.

Describe your journey to your current position: There wasn’t a defined path to my current role. We have a lean corporate team, so there are few established roles or career paths; they’re sort of created by each person based on their ambition and goals. Wayback has always given my colleagues and me the opportunity to create our own paths, and they encourage us to work toward our goals. I had to work hard, prove myself, and continue to do so every day. I believe in our brand and the people I work with and I am excited about the future.

What are your future career goals? I like being part of the brand because we are constantly growing. I love the fact everything isn’t established; it’s really important for me to play an active role in shaping our vision and building for growth. Once I finish my MBA, I intend to work toward a vice president of marketing and then hopefully a CMO role with the Wayback family.

Advice to young female executives in franchising: The first piece of advice I would offer to young women in franchising is to find your voice and not be afraid to use it. It’s easy to feel intimidated by a room full of people with more experience, but if you have a great idea and have done your homework or have something of value to add to the conversation, go for it! Your ideas won’t always make it to the finish line, but the more you speak up, the more confident you will become. The second piece of advice is to constantly seek out learning opportunities. Use your resources, speak with colleagues, peers, find a mentor, read books, take a class (or several). I have learned so much from my colleagues in franchising, and I am eternally grateful for their support. My main point is that if you find yourself getting comfortable, you’re not growing. And in my professional opinion, growth is imperative to success in any role.