Everywhere You Can Get Free & Cheap Burgers for National Burger Day

We eat an absurd amount of beef. A report in 2012 put the annual number of hamburgers eaten in the United States around 50 billion. That’s three burgers per person each week of the year. As Shaggy would say, zoinks. Americans celebrate the burger every damn day. Yet, there’s a National Hamburger Day. Why wouldn’t there be one?

This year, the holy day arrives on Tuesday, May 28, one day after Memorial Day. That means you’ll have eaten your weight in burgers between the long weekend and a pseudo-holiday celebrating the beef patty. To help maintain your burger high, restaurants across the country are offering cheap and even free burgers to keep you going. Participating restaurants include Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, Wayback, and tons of local restaurants.

Here are all the places where you’ll find great deals on burgers for National Hamburger Day.