You Can’t Own a Shake Shack Franchise, but This Is Better

Shake Shack isn't a franchise, but there are many other burger franchises you can own. Learn which similar restaurants are the most lucrative investments.

Shaking It Up

Outfitted as a modern roadside burger stand, Shake Shack got its start in New York City’s Madison Square Park in 2001, helmed by celebrity chef Danny Meyer as part of an effort to revitalize the area. Soon after the first location opened, word spread, and the line of hungry patrons grew. Now a global fast-casual restaurant with over 275 locations, Shake Shack became a publicly owned company through an initial public offering in 2015.

Despite its rapid expansion, Shake Shack has maintained that community is important and that the brand is an integral part of New York City. Through this sentiment, each new Shake Shack location is designed specifically to fit its space. As the company continues to expand, it endeavors to remain true to its roots and stay committed to the communities it serves.

Shake Shack franchise ownership is unavailable at this time, but some of the Shacks are operated via licensed agreements internationally. Shake Shack doesn’t disclose their franchising financial requirements, as there are none in the U.S. As an estimate, a direct competitor like Five Guys can be referenced, and that brand requires a minimum investment capital of $5 million.

Even if Shake Shack franchises did exist, Wayback Burgers provides investors with a great franchise opportunity at what would likely be a lower startup cost — and an equally colorful back story.


A Winning Option with Wayback

Much like Shake Shack, Wayback Burgers rose to the global food stage from ingenuity and humble beginnings. Wayback Burgers was founded in Newark, Delaware, in 1991 as Jake’s Hamburgers. Through 2008, the brand expanded to 10 locations and began franchising. With expansive growth on the horizon, the brand chose a new name that would evoke nostalgia, and now Wayback has grown to over 170 locations across 40 countries and counting.

Over the years, Wayback Burgers has grown a loyal fan base around the globe. And unlike a hypothetical Shake Shack franchise, Wayback offers franchisees the opportunity to invest in a proven, successful fast-casual restaurant concept that understands what it takes to build a business in a fast-paced industry.

Since the beginning, Wayback has committed to creating a culture of belonging by uniting people through the love of comfort food. Honesty and simplicity have been two guiding principles, helping Wayback define both the menu and approach to business. The result has been consistent year-over-year franchise unit growth, even amidst economic downturns and a pandemic.


A Crave-Worthy Investment

Prospective Wayback Burgers franchisees are required to possess a net worth of $300,000 and $125,000 in liquid capital, a more reasonable access point than many competitors. Furthermore, no previous restaurant experience is required, as Wayback has a well-skilled team to provide comprehensive training and ongoing support in all areas of restaurant ownership.

The initial investment to own a Wayback Burgers franchise ranges between $209,000 and $524,500, providing an affordable QSR franchise opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to build their business future with a winning brand.

In addition to reasonable investment costs and world-class support, the Wayback culture sets us apart from all other burger restaurants. Community partnerships and charitable initiatives fuel the Wayback way, and an expert marketing team encourages franchisees to take a hands-on approach and form lasting relationships with both local organizations and their guests.

To learn more about franchising with Wayback Burgers, get started today.