Restaurant Staffing: How to Hire the Right People

Restaurant staffing can be a challenge, especially when opening a new business. Learn the top ways to recruit a dedicated workforce to your business and how a franchise could actually help with this process.


It’s imperative to have a job description for each employee. Your description should fully and accurately describe what the job entails. Since many workers have concerns around poor working conditions in the restaurant industry, it’s important to research your competition. Learn what it is the restaurants around you are offering their employees and try to give candidates a better deal.


Once you’ve got your job description and posting written, you should be publishing it on websites like Indeed and Google for Jobs. You’ll also want to research any industry specific online job boards for you to post opportunities on. Often times it does cost money per listing, but some of these websites do have free options.

In conjunction with the digital options, it would only aid your efforts to have a “Help Wanted” sign in your restaurant window. Another option would be to have small tent cards on the dining room tables. It takes seeing something multiple times for people to act. Make sure you have your job listing posted everywhere!


If you currently own a restaurant and need to bring on more staff, one way of doing this is by asking your current employees if they know anyone looking for a job. Create a referral program where your employees will be rewarded if they are able to successfully refer someone to join your team. It’s important to articulate to your employees that anyone they refer must have the right qualifications to do the job properly.


Opening a franchise restaurant can help quite a lot when it comes to restaurant staffing.

  • National recognition: Having a brand name restaurant doesn’t just help with guest retention. It can also help with recruitment! Candidates know your brand and who you are before they apply to work for you.
  • Training and ongoing support: With a franchise, your team will be fully trained by a corporate employee. Before you even open your location, your team will be completely prepared to serve guests in your restaurant. Plus, many franchisors have resources for ongoing training and refresher courses.
  • Extensive experience: While a franchisor cannot handle your restaurant staffing for you, they can advise you on the type of candidate you should look for. Your franchisor should be able to tell you what level of experience you should be looking for in addition to the proper qualifications candidates should have. However, keep in mind that the final decision of who to hire is yours.
  • Multi-unit convenience: It’s common for franchise restaurant investors to own more than one location, this creates more opportunity for your staff. If someone needs to pick up an extra shift, it’s easy to have them work in your other location should it need another employee.


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