Most Profitable Franchises: Five Franchises with a Great Bottom Line

A number of chain brands have proven that having attractive revenues in relation to cost of entry is attainable, creating efficient steps for growth for franchisees.

Every business owner wants to maximize profit, and it is natural for anyone contemplating opening a franchise concept to seek out a brand with a lower cost of entry and high revenues. A number of chain brands have proven that this paradigm is attainable, making success a more efficient proposition for franchisees. Here are a few notable chains with attractive revenues in relation to cost of entry.

School of Rock

This brand rocks — literally. School of Rock has been making noise and getting louder since it was founded in 1998, and franchisees can get backstage and crank up revenues. According to, the midpoint initial investment for a School of Rock franchise is $237,975, and its five-year growth rate is 18.5 percent.

Pure Barre

Efficient workouts translate to fiscal fitness for Pure Barre, a chain of fitness studios offering “the safest, most effective way to transform your body,” according to the company. The concept involves 45- to 50-minute total body workouts with a series of low-impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results. The threshold for entry is also low-impact and produces results; according to, the midpoint initial investment for a Pure Barre franchise is $234,400, and its five-year growth rate is 39.5 percent.

Great Clips

An ability to innovate drives the appeal of Great Clips to customers and franchisees, according to, which puts the cost to open a unit in the $136,900 to $258,300 range. Great Clips recently debuted its first Snapchat lens, which adds humorous, cartoonish hairstyles to selfies, creating a direct connection to increased salon sales.

The UPS Store

The cost to open a unit of The UPS Store, per, is $168,900 to $398,300. The brand is 5,000 units strong, but does not rest on its laurels. Several units already have been remodeled with an open floor plan that allows customers to see each step of the packing and printing process. “This kind of constant evolution has helped The UPS Store thrive in a digital age, and, as a result, has kept it in the Top 10 of our Franchise 500 for three years running,” states

Wayback Burgers

With steady upward growth that is predicted to continue, the quick-service or fast-casual restaurant segment has become one of the most sought after in franchising. In 2018, Restaurant Business reported findings by foodservice research firm Technomic that fast-casual concepts are leading growth in the restaurant industry. And QSR magazine found that fast-casual is the only restaurant segment to grow traffic in the past five years.

For many fast-casual restaurants, particularly your classic burger franchises, there are some significant barriers to entry, such as a high initial investment or lack of availability. Fortunately, Wayback Burgers offers franchisees an accessible point of entry in a segment and brand that continues to trend upward.

A franchisee’s initial investment is somewhere between $209,000 and $524,500, making it more accessible to entrepreneurs looking for the opportunity to start their own fast-casual burger franchise for well under $1 million. And thanks in part to innovations — such as a new delivery vehicle that ensures a fresh product with on-site cooking capabilities, and a new mobile app — QSR Magazine reports that Wayback Burgers continues to grow and expand, adapting to market conditions and coming out on top time and time again.

If you are a first-time business owner looking for guidance, systems, and support, or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for your next investment opportunity, check out Wayback Burgers.

Wayback Burgers offers qualified candidates the opportunity to open and operate a business in the highly sought-after fast-casual sector with a small footprint and a big upside. Currently operating in 30 states and seven countries, the Connecticut-based burger franchise increased its system size by 14 percent in 2018, reaching 156 locations, and is projecting similar growth for 2019. Wayback offers initial training and ongoing support for all its franchisees and works diligently on finding innovative ways to offer franchisees the opportunity to increase revenue while adding value to the customer experience. For more information on how to get started visit

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