How to Promote a New Restaurant: Cost-Effective Strategies that Work

To promote a new restaurant, you'll need a comprehensive marketing plan. Make the most of your budget by choosing one of these 10 low-cost strategies that work.

Effectively promoting a new restaurant requires a lot of creativity and a comprehensive marketing plan. We’ve lined up some strategies to help you make the most of your time and budget.

Make a Grand Entrance

You’ve put in all of the due diligence to get your business up and running, so Opening Day should be a celebration! Not only will you and your employees be eagerly prepared to start serving your food, but customers should also be buzzing with anticipation to see what you have to offer.

Local TV and radio ads, flyers, and postcards are some traditional forms of advertisement, but digital platforms like social media, food blogs, and restaurant databases can help cast an even wider net to attract customers. Once people are through the doors, seize the opportunity by not only giving them a dining experience they will tell their friends and family about but also offer fun branded items like stickers, hats, etc. that will spark interest around town.

New restauranteurs working within a franchise have the built-in support and knowledge of a dedicated marketing team who brings experience and a wealth of resources to the table. For instance, with Wayback Burgers, your new restaurant will enjoy the backing of international brand recognition and marketing expertise on a local scale.

Tap Into Your Community

Interacting with your customers on a community level is a sure-fire way to drum up business. By choosing a particular club, team, group, or cause to sponsor or promote, you will distinguish your restaurant as a business that cares about much more than the bottom line. Engaging with and building up organizations whose values align with those of your business also provides an opportunity for cross-promotion and long-lasting partnerships.

Many franchise brands have well-established partnerships with national organizations. Wayback Burgers is proud of its long-standing relationship with the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) for which it has raised over $300,000 to date. A portion of every burger and sandwich sold goes to the club’s efforts to provide for children and families in need.

Celebrate the “Day”

From National Cupcake Day to Potato Lover’s Day — there’s a national holiday for practically everything now. If you own a restaurant, it’s more than likely that one of your star menu items has its own day on the calendar, so why not celebrate?
Food holidays give you a great opportunity to promote your restaurant’s offerings and bring new customers. Wayback Burgers looks forward to celebrating National Cheeseburger Day every September 18 and marks the occasion by offering discounts and buy-one-get-one deals on the star of the menu.

Foster Loyalty

As if your delicious food wasn’t enough, loyalty and rewards programs further incentivize return visits from customers. Of course, you want your restaurant to be the talk of the town on opening day, but maintaining and growing a customer base is the key to lasting success. For a local, independent restaurant, this can be as simple as a punch card: “Buy 11 sandwiches and the 12th one is free!”

Opening a restaurant with a franchise like Wayback Burgers gives you the ability to connect with your guests through the Wayback app which puts your business right at their fingertips. The app also allows you, the franchisee, to remarket to guests that have downloaded it. In addition to the convenience it provides, anyone who registers for the loyalty program through the app can immediately start earning rewards that apply toward future purchases. It’s just one of the ways that Wayback is able to thank guests for their patronage.

Long-Term Success with Wayback

The best marketing initiatives are well thought out; they don’t necessarily require a lot of money. The good news about franchising with Wayback Burgers is that you will have the benefit of both. With national campaigns, special holiday promotions, and charitable partnerships, Wayback is able to provide a strong foundation for new franchisees to promote their businesses at every level.

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