Franchise Support: What to Expect when Choosing a Franchise

A great franchisor offers strong support for their franchisees. Learn what kind of franchise support you should expect when choosing a franchise.


Finding the right location for your business is essential to setting yourself up for success. One of the many benefits of investing in a franchise is the backing of a team of experts who have conducted extensive demographic research and market analysis to pinpoint the optimal location for your store to thrive.

Wayback Burgers partners with experts in Real Estate Market Analytics and Research and in house VP of Real Estate to gather all the data and narrow down the criteria for identifying the perfect location for your restaurant, including ideal size, lease terms, and tenant improvements. Our construction coordinators will help you manage your custom design plans and assist you in securing an architect and engineer, as well as identify approved general contractors. For any new franchisee unfamiliar with the site selection and build-out process, Wayback Burgers’ in-house project managers can provide real estate support at every turn.

Since Wayback Burgers appeals to many different demographic groups, an inviting, accessible location is of the utmost importance. Our team helps new franchisees analyze potential buildings and locations based on years of experience.


Undertaking a new business venture can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, particularly if you are stepping into a field in which you have limited experience. However, the right franchisor can help you get excited about realizing your potential.

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned restauranteur, it’s important to know what you will need and expect in terms of training for yourself and your staff. When you buy a franchise, you are an independent business owner operating within the franchisor’s standards and should benefit from all the franchise support they have to offer.

From classroom learning to on-the-job experiential training, Wayback Burgers ensures that all franchisees are not only well-versed in the fundamentals of restaurant operations but are ready to face any unforeseen challenge that might arise. Wayback Burgers offers franchisees the opportunity to understand the operational aspects of their restaurant from top to bottom through In-Restaurant Training and Wayback University training.

The relationship between franchisor and franchisee is symbiotic, in that the success of the brand depends on the success of each individual owner. Because of this, the franchise support provided by an effective training program is the foundation of a confident business operation.


One of the benefits of buying into a franchise is established brand recognition. The amount of time, effort, and money it takes to advertise your business can be an insurmountable feat for independent restauranteurs, and franchises have the backing of years of experience and teams of professionals whose sole job it is to promote your business and keep guests coming back for more.

Since franchisees are required to contribute to marketing and advertising funds, the marketing plan developed by the franchisor should be comprehensive and ongoing. As the franchisee, you should expect expert guidance on the types of marketing and community outreach programs designed to set your course for success. Look for franchisors who go beyond Opening Day to provide ongoing marketing for franchisees to not only establish themselves as business leaders but maintain continued success within their communities. At Wayback Burgers we have a team dedicated to both local and national marketing support focusing on both traditional and digital marketing tactics.


While you may have compiled a list of small restaurant business ideas to turn your dreams into reality, the ongoing support provided by the right franchisor is truly what sets the experience apart from going the independent route. Just as you are investing in a franchise, the franchisor should be invested in you as a true brand partner. As part of ongoing support, the best franchisor will provide you with a comprehensive operational guide and 24-hour availability if any questions or concerns arise.

Franchising with Wayback Burgers ensures that you will benefit from the full-service support of a brand that only wants you to succeed.


At Wayback Burgers, we take pride in everything we do. From how we serve our communities to how we help our franchisees realize their dreams of restaurant ownership with one of America’s favorite fast-casual burger brands, we strive for excellence at every turn.

The “Way” at Wayback Burgers, stands for the way we treat our guests, the way we support our franchisees, the way we source our products, and the commitment to do the right thing.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Wayback Burgers, get started today.