Fast-casual Franchise Opportunities: 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying

As fast-casual franchise opportunities increase, it's more important to find the right fit for you. Find out what questions you should ask before you buy.


If you’re passionate about getting into the foodservice business, one of the first questions you will likely consider is whether you should open your own restaurant or join a franchise. There are benefits to each, but the upsides of franchising are immediate, consistent, and long-lasting. Franchises have built-in reputations, experience, and marketing know-how that independent eateries must develop on the fly. Because of this, franchises generally have higher success rates.

Since you are partnering with a brand, it is important that you do your research and identify the franchise that best aligns with your values and goals, providing you with a model that you’re proud to represent. Just as with an independent venture, you will own your own business and act as such, but you will benefit from a proven system, successful track record, and level of support that is not guaranteed when you go it alone.


There’s never been a better time to join the fast-casual industry. By 2027, the fast-casual restaurant industry will be worth a whopping


A common misconception about franchising is that you’re simply paying to use a brand’s name. But the best fast-casual franchises offer so much more than the cache of an established name. Initial costs will include the franchise fee, marketing fees, training, real estate consultations, and more. Most franchisors’ initial investment costs are laid out plainly for prospective franchisees to consider, with itemized descriptions of how and where your money will be spent to help build your restaurant business.

It’s reasonable to assume that a franchise investment should provide a return for both the money and the work invested in the business, but calculations are much more complicated than they would be with a passive investment. Connecting with other franchisees can help you gain a fuller sense of what it’s like to invest in the business.


The best fast-casual franchise opportunities care less about your industry-specific experience and more that you have the right attitude, financial qualifications, and a passion for the business. Why? Because the best franchisors are equally invested in your success and will support you with comprehensive training, proven marketing techniques, ongoing improvements, and more. One of the greatest benefits of owing a franchise versus operating an independent store is the wealth of resources available to you. Ongoing support is in place long after you open your doors to provide you with any assistance you need.


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