Why Burger Franchise Opportunities Are Sizzling Right Now

Burger franchise opportunities continue to increase. Learn why this is becoming such a popular business investment and how you can get started as a franchisee.


The fact is: Burgers have ALWAYS been good business. As one of the world’s most popular foods, nearly 50 billion burgers are prepared to order each year in the United States alone. What started as a simple patty-on-bun food source at its inception has developed into a booming industry with as many styles and options as any hungry diner or savvy business owner could imagine.

Just as American as apple pie, burger concepts are able to withstand some of the most difficult financial downturns, and even pandemics. Even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, customers flocked to their favorite comfort food, particularly to those franchises that were able to provide innovative options and heightened convenience in a changing world.


Burger franchise opportunities often have minimal barriers to entry, low startup costs, and high ROI potential. The licensing and capital cost requirements of establishing a fast-casual burger restaurant are much less significant than that of a fine-dining or even fast-food restaurant.

On the other hand, the level of competition and market saturation can make it a daunting affair for entrepreneurs seeking to break into the burger business as independent owners. It can be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition and grow a loyal following. As an independent restauranteur, your upfront costs might be lower than if you were to franchise with, say, Fatburger ($500,000) or Jack in the Box ($1.3 million-$2.4 million), but other factors will be less predictable, and you will lack the benefit of partnering with an established brand.

If your combined passion for burgers and business leads you to seek out an option that is somewhere in between an independent venture and a massive conglomerate, there are other options available that will give you both independence and the support of an exciting and growing franchise network with a loyal fanbase.

The cost of investing in a top burger franchise will vary due to factors including local market size, location build-out requirements, and ongoing expenditures. The profitability, or earnings potential, of any given burger franchise can be tracked through mapping a brand’s growth over time, especially how they fared during times of economic downturn or crisis. While the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw many restaurant businesses buckle under the weight of shifting priorities, Wayback Burgers was able to not only maintain our winning reputation but adjust our formula to address changing consumer needs. At the same time, our locations saw a strong percentage increase in sales across locations systemwide.

The initial franchise fee to open a Wayback Burgers franchise is $35,000, which may be discounted for additional units. Total estimated initial investment averages between $209,000-$633,000, making it one of the most reasonable buy-ins for one of the most promising burger franchise opportunities on the market.


Don’t let the expansive world of burger businesses intimidate you. Because the industry is so vast and varied, it presents the perfect opportunity to partner with a brand who has found the winning formula for success and prides itself on supporting new business owners as they venture into the market. Whether or not you have previous restaurant experience, Wayback Burgers provides all the tools to get your burger business up and running and headed for long-term success.

Even as we grow, each and every Wayback franchise owner is treated like a member of the family—provided with an unmatched level of care and commitment through everything we do. If you are passionate about burgers, being your own boss, and working with a brand that is just as passionate about quality and customer service, Wayback Burgers is the way to go.

To learn more about franchising opportunities, get started today.